Conditional Data field Display

Conditional Data Field Display is also known as responsive disclosure or progressive disclosure for Data Fields. The goal is to initially display a simple Form with the minimum number of Data Fields. As data is entered in some Data Fields, additional Data Fields are then displayed to allow the user to enter additional data related to the data first entered. For example, a Dropdown Data Field could have Yes and No as available options. When Yes is selected, a “Details” text area Data Field is displayed to allow the User to enter additional details.

Key Concepts

Form: The Form of a Database Application defines the Data Fields and Data Sections that define the structure and layout of the Form used to enter and edit Records. A form consists of the main section which can contain multiple Data Fields and optionally of Data Sections.

Data FieldData Fields are specific fields that allow users to enter data in a Record. Each Data Field has a specific type (date, date & time, dropdown, number, etc.) and has various properties to adjust its validation settings and its behavior.

Display Conditions: The conditions that must be met by the data entered into Data Fields in a Form for an additional Data Field to appear.

Settings Display Conditions on a Data Field

To set the Display Conditions of a Data Field, you first need to switch to the Builder tab. You then need to click on a Database Application to open it in the Form builder. Once, the Form builder appears, click on Data Field for which you want to set Display Conditions, this will open the Data Field’s properties grid on the right-hand side of the Form builder.

In the properties grid, click on the “Conditions” button for the “Conditions” property to open the Display Conditions of the Data Field. You can then set conditions for one or more Data Fields that must be met for the Data Field for which you are setting conditions to appear. You can also select whether all the criteria (i.e. AND logical operator) or only one criterion (i.e. OR logical operator) must be met for the Data Field to appear.


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